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  Atlanta, GA

Atlantaís Best Hair Salon
Featured in Allure Magazine January 2009. 2 Year Winner Best Color & Highlights in Atlanta for Citysearch 2008 & 2007. Winner Best Color Salon in Atlanta for 2008.

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Barron's London Salon
Featured in Allure Magazine January 2009 as a "Makeover Master"

375 Pharr Rd NE Ste 104

Atlanta, GA
(404) 812-0032



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User review by sschinadoll

by sschinadoll
January 17, 2006

I first came to David 10 years ago, on the recommendation of a friend who always had the most amazing hair styles. David has always known exactly the right cut for my hair type, and is the only person I've ever let cut layers in my (straight-as-a-board) hair more than once! He always listens to what I want, and gives me his honest opinion. I always walk away with a great cut that flatters my face. He is a great colorist, and knows how to keep my hair looking natural.

Great choice in ATL

by cattman71
January 17, 2006

David is terrific, he really takes the time to understand what you're looking for, and works with you to find the best look for each face and person. I recommend him highly.

User review by asalbright

by asalbright
January 13, 2006

Teresa Baranard is the best hairdresser I've ever had. I was introduced to her by a friend and even though I had to travel about an hour to get to the salon, I've been going back ever since. She gives me the best cut & highlight I've ever gotten. The cut is superior to any cut I've ever gotten because Teresa takes her time to make sure the job is done right. She also keeps up with all the latest styles too! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a GREAT hairdresser!

Teresa "Fabulous" Barnard

by sterlingpound
January 13, 2006

Teresa has been cutting and styling my hair for well over 7 years. I get more compliements on my hair! I always recommend Teresa and Barron's London Salon. They are a great group of people and are always upbeat.

Fantastic Salon

by mlmcdanielsan
January 12, 2006

Teresa Bernhard and David Barron are both very talented stylists and I would highly recommend them! My hair has never looked better since

Teresa has been cutting and coloring it! Thanks Teresa!!!!!

Great Razor Haircut

by dbyron
January 09, 2006

I went onto citysearch looking for a salon in buckhead. I chose Barron's London Salon after reviewing their website. They're technical skill was exceptional. The staff were very friendly and I plan to return and recommend them to my friends.

User review by wlsnkitty

by wlsnkitty
January 08, 2006

Great people and great haircuts!! I always feel 5 yrs younger when I walk out the door because I look so fabulous!!

User review by heatherharvey

by heatherharvey
January 05, 2006

The color & cut David provides are stunning. Not only do I feel better about my hair & looks, but every time I have recently had my hair done -- I have someone off the street come up to me to tell me how pretty my hair color is ( & if I naturally have this wonderful silver blonde hair)

Best Hair Salon EVER!!!!

by adriennejahkel78
January 24, 2006

This salon is one of the best I have ever been to. The stylest are so warm and they'll make you feel so comfortable. Even though I love all of the stylest, I would recommend Shawon any day!!!!


by bgower
January 23, 2006

I have been around the world with my job,has well as the u.s, so salon shopping as always been on my list of things to get first,I was referred to Barrons london salon from a co worker, which she goe's to David,My experience at the salon was wounderful, but even better the Hair cut was amazing , it was like he took every strand of hair and cut them Indervidually it must of taken him 1 hour just to cut my hair, my cut fall's into place and move's with ease , this as been my 3rd Hair cut at the salon and i will be back.

User review by sandypolly

by sandypolly
January 23, 2006

I have been going to David for 6 years and will never leave! He is always current, effecient, reliable and gives the BEST color in town. I enjoy his salon, his staff, his products and most of all him. I can always count on David. I can also always count on a compliment on my hair after leaving his salon- just anoter perk from Barron's London Salon.

Best salon i have ever been to

by johnjohne
January 19, 2006

David and his staff are nothing but the best. I highly recommend this salon.

Tina's Review

by tlcthatsme
January 18, 2006

Having lived in Atlanta for over 20 years and having my hair highlighted for many of these years, I can speak with absolute certainty that David Barron is the best hair colorist I have ever visited. He has always delivered the precise results I have asked for.

David's Girl

by judymacdonald
January 18, 2006

David has been doing my hair color, highlights and cut for many years. He is truly talented, and has always been consistent with his expertise. He has updated my style as I have changed over the years, keeping my hair at its best. It is always a pleasure to visit the shop, as the atmosphere is very upbeat and cheerful. The decor is unique, yet soothing. I hope David never goes away!

Best Hairdresser in Atlanta

by harveyrabbit
January 27, 2006

I relocated to Atlanta one year ago and this salon was the first salon I visited! I have been nowehere else since!

David saved my Hair!!!!!

by baxray
April 17, 2006

I moved to Atlanta 2 years ago and one of my biggest challenges has been finding someone to cut and color my hair. After several bad attempts by hair was looking awful..I was tempted to fly to LA and have it done there. But after searching I came across Barron's london salon....after reading several excellent reviews I decided to check it out. I am soooo happy I did. David Barron did such an amazing job on my looks gorgeous. It was a lot of work and he did it with a smile on his face. The staff is also great....warm and funny. I can't imagine going anywhere else. I am a will be too!

Don't go anywhere else

by utkitty922
April 07, 2006

This is by far the best salon I have been to, not only in Atlanta, but ever!

David really has the skill and talent that I have been looking for for years. I went in with bad stripy highlights and came out with hair looking natural and gorgeous. He did exactly what I told him to do and that means alot. Don't look any further. You will not be disappointed once you leave Barron's! The staff was great and the atmosphere was laid back and comfortable.

Grrrrrrrrrreat experience!

by qwkate
March 28, 2006

I just had my first visit to Barron's London Salon. And can say for sure this is The Destination for those who want fabulous results. David Barron really knows how to bring out the best of your hair. A true artist. David listened to what I wanted to achieve, gave me his idea of what would be better for me and...voila, I got great cut, color and highlights! He made my hair happy!

The whole experience at the Salon was such a pleasure - friendly staff and joyful atmosphere just fill you up with positive energy.

David Barron- THE hairdresser

by jennifer1544
March 18, 2006

I found David in Atlanta magazine - he was an absolute doll, so I thought I'd try him out! FABULOUS! Great haircuts, highlights, color! David is such a sweetie and I will never have to search for another hairdresser EVER. Even though I may move to VA, I will make trips to GA for my hair. My sister lives in TX and comes to David every time she is in GA. I get wonderful compliments on my hair (even from the guys at work) when I visit David. There is no need to look anywhere else for an awesome cut by an awesome guy!!!

best curly Hair cut ever !

by lucky67
January 30, 2006

i just moved from New York about 6 month's ago and left behind my HairStylist of 5 years, yes it was a big shock i have been to 2 salons in atlanta, but no luck i never though it would be hard to find a stylist that could cut curly hair until i visited barrons london salon, my hair came out great and was not cut to short {thank god}, the shape was perfect thank you for a wounderful visit. my stylist was David Barron he's great also very charming i will be back..........

Best Hairdresser in Atlanta

by harveyrabbit
January 27, 2006

I relocated to Atlanta one year ago and this salon was the first salon I visited! I have been nowehere else since!


by judyjone
January 26, 2006

Has a new client we all have fear's about going to a new salon, My color needed fixing so i choice Barrons after looking on city search, i need a late APT, and i ask for David Barron the owner,David's work is far the BEST l've seen for many year's it took 4hour's to correct my hair, the condition of my hair feel's wounderful and the hair is shiney it was worth every penny and the time, where else can you find such Talent,

Iwill be back Thank You

Looking Good

by scott451
January 26, 2006

When you find a good hair stylist, you stick with them. I've been going to Barron's London Salon for about 7 years now. I'm a guy. I don't fuss over my hair, but I like to look good. Barron's treats me well and helps me look great. That's why I keep going back.


by mitchell123
January 24, 2006

l've been going to David since 1999, He as taken me from blonde to brown, brown to red, then back to blonde,Is talent with hair is the best l've seen in this town, apart from the beautiful hue's of color that he put's on me, he's so patent and take's the time to make every client happy, He is the Best............

Complete experience a dream!

by csmith20
September 01, 2006

I was very suprised at the small and comfortable atmosphere here! I felt welcome from the time I walked in the door. The atmosphere was light and fun. I felt like everyone working was there to serve me. David worked on my hair and was absolutely wonderful and tons of fun. I went in with a train wreck of multicolored hair and came out feeling like a million bucks. My visit came complete with singing and was quite an experience. I will most definately be returning here forever more! I highly recommend this salon and David Barron for anyone who wants fabulous hair!

Worked me in

by docgresh
August 14, 2006

David was very good to work in a total stranger to fix the bad hair job I did on mysle fover the weekend. The salon is very positive and clean and his manner is lovely and respectful. Fixed my bad hair. I will go back.

Outstanding color fix and cut!

by cgw03
August 08, 2006

I came in with bad color, sort of orange with a hint of magenta. I left with a rich, deep auburn, just what I wanted but couldn't get back home (240 miles away). An added plus was a really good haircut that kept its shape until I returned five weeks later. I like the salon, I like David, and I like the way my hair looks.

Best haircut!!!

by cc23456
August 07, 2006

David works magic on my thin, fine hair. I've been going to Barron's for the past year, and I've had the best haircuts I've ever. The amazing part is that the cut looks good from the first day until I go back .... sometimes 8 weeks later!!! The color has been just as great; Everything about the salon is comfortable .... no snobs here!.

Simply the BEST!

by mbenveniste
August 01, 2006

I can't say enough about David and his salon. Personal service, meticulous detail in both cut and color, and best of all: David. David is simply the best stylist/colorist I have ever been to. (And at age 50, that's no small number!) After moving here, I tried the "big name" salons, only to be disappointed with the color and cut and treated in that snooty manner that so many salons think is necessary. I actually left one salon in tears!

At Barons, you will find that you have 100% of David's attention, you are not shuffled from person to person for each step. It is a small, caring salon. David simply knows what look is best for you, yet he does nothing that you do not discuss and agree with. He takes your coloring, personality, body type, lifestyle, personal style, as well as your desires into consideration and produces a look that is absolutely you! I read the reviews and thought that they may be too good to be true, but trust me, they are true.

Oh, and in support of a recent review: he IS handsome and charming!

Best Ever Precision Cut, Color, Highlights, lowlights, Magically Talented Artist

by sunfleet
July 28, 2006

I read these reviews and wondered how one hair dresser could be so well rated. I took a chance and had my first appointment last night; today I have reread the reviews! Every one of them is true. I have paid a lot of money to some well known salons in Atlanta over the years, and David Barrons salon is easy going, you are not one of many in a busy high flying salon but have the privilege of his individualized attention irregardless of the time he patiently works his perfection till every last detail is right. There is not one bit of snobbery. He is patient, kind, charming and a handsome man with a charming London accent and yes it is very natural to give him a hug when you leave. Most important this man is a very talented and gifted artist! I have the best cut I have ever had, a cutting edge design without compromising the length - very precision which flows beautifully and enhances my facial structure. David has a gift to know immediately what is the right cut & color for you and listens to what you want. My fiance never says anything about my hair after I get it done and last night he said it really looked good and although I used my standard makeup, he thought it was also redone just shows what the right color can do! I have had a lot of compliments todaysome can not figure out why I look so good, but some have just really praised the cut & color & said I look 15 years younger!!!! God has blessed David with a lot of talent and I am very fortunate to have given him the opportunity to work his magic!!!!

The Best

by hubbard1
July 23, 2006

After reading all the great reviews about Barrons, I decided to try it during a trip to Atlanta. David gave me the best haircut Ive ever had. That was about six months ago, and Ive been driving from Birmingham to Atlanta just to get my hair cut by David ever since. Because the salon comes so highly recommended, you might expect the typical pretense and snobbery you get with most high-end salons; Barrons, however, has a warm and inviting atmosphere. David is talented, hilarious and charming--youll not only get the best cut youve ever had, but youll have a great time as well. What could be better than getting your hair cut by a tall, handsome, (and totally heterosexual) British man' Once you try it, you will definitely fall in love with this salon.

Great cut!

by jammerg
July 22, 2006

I have very long, thick hair and it has a lot of natural curl. I needed a cut that looked good and was easy to care for but I still wanted be able to put it back in a pony tail. I went to see David and he worked 4-5 hours on it... It was that bad! He and his assisitant spent a lot of time coloring, cutting, thinning, drying and highlighting it. No one has ever cut it the way he did. He then showed me how to straighten it using a curling iron or large heated curlers.

Thanks David!

Best Hircolor and Haircuts

by deadline
July 19, 2006

The best Haircolor and Haircuts in Atlanta or for that matter anywhere - great Salon and great people - Fabulous at fixing others mistakes when it comes to color - Best thing to do is just go thee and not any other salons

Barrons London Salon -haircut

by dogcat
July 16, 2006

David Barron's work is excellent! I have never been to a salon where the owner actually called me the next day to see if I liked how my hair looked. On my first visit, he took so much time making sure that the color was perfect, which by the way I and my friends loved! I have very curly hair and the cut he gave me was excellent. I have since had a second cut and for the first time I have layers that I actually like. His customer service is incredible. His primary concern is that you like your hair. He does not try and sell you products, which is really great. Plus you don't feel like you are one of thousands in a big salon; his service is very personalized. AND one of the best parts, I have never had to wait; he is on time. I don't have to spend an hour waiting to get my hair done. David is excellent at what he does and he's a smart business man. I like the people that work in his salon. I give him and his colleagues rave reviews. Thanks for the great work!

Great Haircut!

by ggardner1
September 23, 2006

I recently visited Theresa at Barron's London Salon for the first time. A friend recommended Theresa after I had a disasterous experience at another salon. Theresa was fantastic! She listened to exactly what I wanted and the results were perfect! I was very impressed by the casual yet elegant style of the salon. They played great music, and the staff were very personable and energetic. I will definitely be back and recommend Theresa and Barron's London Salon to all of my firends!.

Finally a great cut AND color!

by agmg
September 24, 2006

I have been living in Atlanta for 5 years and finally ended my search for a stylist who LISTENS and gets it right! My color was perfect - exactly what I wanted. I convinced my fiance to see David for a real professional haircut (he actually thought most hair stylists were the same for a men's cut). I could not believe the difference, and he definitely agreed. We would recommend David to anyone!

Great Haircut!

by ggardner1
September 23, 2006

I recently visited Theresa at Barron's London Salon for the first time. A friend recommended Theresa after I had a disasterous experience at another salon. Theresa was fantastic! She listened to exactly what I wanted and the results were perfect! I was very impressed by the casual yet elegant style of the salon. They played great music, and the staff were very personable and energetic. I will definitely be back and recommend Theresa and Barron's London Salon to all of my firends!

Pros: Great Music, Firendly Staff, Great Haircut

Great Help for Hair Emergency

by slbwilliams
September 18, 2006

After a home-hair-color fiasco, David Barron saved the day. I entered the salon looking like a survivor of the Chernobyl disaster and left looking great! Staff were friendly, pleasant and low-pressure. Highly recommend this salon.

Editorial Review by Citysearch Editors

by Contributor
September 15, 2006

Buckhead hair salon's expert stylists provide precision cuts, corrective color, CHI permanent hair straightening and makeup.


by jfiled
September 11, 2006

As a new client to Barron's London Salon, I was somewhat nervous on my first visit because I have had so many bad experiences in the past. After reviewing all of the positive comments on Citysearch, I decided to give it a shot. I have very curly hair and it is very fine, and usually hairstylists have no idea how make it full like I want it to look. David was incredible. From the moment I sat down, he took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and then proceeded to cut it so it was full and glamorous. Not only that, but he recommended several products to help manage frizz which can easily get out of control in the humidity. The staff was extremely friendly and upbeat, and very welcoming from the minute I walked in the salon. I am hooked! I will go back to David for as long as I live in Atlanta!

Pros: Great haircut, friendly staff, great product recommendations to control frizzies

Another Happy Client!

by bethj1
September 11, 2006

I have just moved here from Florida and was desperate to find a good stylist. A friend recommended that I visit Beppy at Barron's London Salon for a haircut and highlights. I had about 2 inches of dark roots showing and a very brassy tone to my hair from being out in the sun all summer. I was in need of some serious help! Beppy knew the exact color match for my hair within minutes of me sitting in her chair. She also recommended a deep conditioning treatment to heal my dry and brittle hair. The cut was exactly what I asked for and the color turned out to be amazing. She toned it down and lightened it up at the same time. Amazing! Apart from the service, the salon was very accomodating to my schedule when making my appointment. Beppy stayed later than her usual schedule to finish my hair. I will be visiting Beppy again very soon and recommending her to all of my friends!

Pros: Accomodating, Great Service, Great color and Highlights

Fabulous Salon!

by joan1234
September 10, 2006

This is a fabulous salon! I have been to pratically all high end salons in Atlanta and this salon is the best. David, the owner, is very gifted and makes sure that you are satisfied before and after you leave the salon. The customer service is superb. I had my hair straightened, colored, and cut. My hair looks great. Thanks David for making me look and feel pretty. I would highly recommend this salon.


by jlev1
September 08, 2006

I visited David Barron at Barron's London Salon this week, and was absolutely amazed at the high quality of service and attention to detail I received. Not only did I love my hair, but I felt energized and beautiful when I left. David changed my hair style to a much more modern cut, and added highlights to dramatically brighten my face. I loved David's style and sense of humor. The salon was very high energy and I cannot wait to go back again. This truly was the best experience I have had at any salon. I highly recommend Barron's London Salon to anyone who wants to look and feel great!

Pros: Friendly, High Energy, Extremely Talented

Great Job!

by ade3333
December 19, 2006

I have been coloring my hair now for over 20 years and just recently started going to David for my haircut and color. I was amazed at the great job he did - my hair has NEVER looked this good. I would recommend him unreservedly.

Attentive staff, amazing business...

by send_in_the_clowns
November 21, 2006

DAVID IS AMAZING. After receiving a cut, color, and highlights from him, I left the salon with beautiful hair. You cannot put into words how talented this man is. And although his sheer brilliance at his profession certainly warrants an ego, he instead comes off warm, witty and charming. I have thick, coarse, curly hair, and have often come out of salons with a brassy tone after an attempted coloring. David, however, seemed to know exactly how to make it the perfect color to accentuate my eyes, the perfect shape for my face, and the products to make it sleek and shiny. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone who needs to restore their faith in the possibilities inherent in their own hair. DAVID BARRON CAN DO ANYTHING HE LIKES TO my hair. Trust his judgement, you will not be disappointed. And I am now just another addition to his growing fan club....

Pros: Great hours, staff, location

Best hair in Atlanta!

by ca36
November 17, 2006

I highly recommend David Barron if you want your hair to look the best it ever has. My opinion is he does cuts & color better than anyone I have been to in Atlanta since I have been here. The salon has a great atmosphere complete with beverages and music and you get personalized attention too. You will leave the salon feeling & looking like a million dollars! Book your appt. now ! you will be so happy you did!

Pros: Atmosphere

A great place!

by lsmilack
November 16, 2006

David is wonderful! I have blonde hair and my previous hairstylist was bleaching it. It had become ashy and damaged. David put in a hue of colors to make it look soft and natural again. He also had a plan for growing out some of my hacked off layers and as a result my hair is looking great. He definitely takes the time to get to know what you want and then delivers!

Best service!

by kristina72372
November 09, 2006

I recently went to Barron's London Salon to have my color and highlights done. David did an excellent job...the color and highlights were exactly what I wanted. The salon has great hours and are very accomodating. I would recommend this salon to anyone.

Pros: Very clean, updated, and easy to find

Great Stylist

by ryan_quarles
November 06, 200

I have finally found a great hair stylist. David does a great job and knows what's stylish from his days in the movie industry. I highly recommend him for anyone searching for a modern look.

Best Cut in Atlanta

by awgordon212
November 03, 2006

I've lived in Atlanta for over 3 years and had a terrible time finding someone who understood what I was looking for in a haircut/style. David took the time to talk with me about what I was looking for, gave me an expert cut, and then told me how best to care for it to achieve the desired result. Everyone tells me I look 10 years younger now thanks to David. Going from long hair to short was very scary, but David understood my fears and didn't take it too short, allowing me to get used to the new look slowly. Next time, now that I have the confidence, I will go a little shorter and I know whatever David does will make me look great!

Atmosphere and Style

by emily19
October 23, 2006

On a whim, I decided I was sick of my longer hair, and David was able to squeeze me in for a 7 pm appointment when I called around 4:30. The atmosphere is fun and lively, and he certainly delivered on his promise to make me look great! I told him to do whatever he wanted, loved the result, and have actually been able to replicate the look instead of having perfect salon hair that doesn't translate to real life. I went out of town for the weekend and recieved tons of compliments - I would absolutely recommend an appointment with David!

Complete Trust !!

by haley
October 04, 2006

David is great!! He gives a great cut. I have been going to him for over 6 years now and I completely trust him. Everytime I get my hair cut, people always comment on my hair. The last time I got my hair cut people were telling me that "It was the best ever". Thanks David for all the fun times in your salon.

I would highly recommend Barrons London Salon !!!

Pros: friendly, skilled staff

Fantastic cut and color

by hayhyatt
October 04, 2006

After living in Atlanta for 3 years and trying 4 salons and 6 stylists, I was becoming extremely frustrated. I had read great reviews about David and decided to give it a try. I was thrilled witht he outcome - the cut and color is exactly what I wanted, and my hair looks the best it has in over 10 years! He took the time to consider my facial structure, my likes/dislikes with my previous styles, my eye color and my hair's texture... something no other stylist had truly done before. He was charming, easy-going, and not at all pushy. I'm sold - I'll have no one else cut or color my hair but him!

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